About kris

FullSizeRenderThis blog is my happy place. A space to build travel plans for me and my family…anxiously waiting till the kids are out of school so we can hit the road!! If you like what you see here…or fall in love with my journey on Instagram…reach out to me and we’ll get to work designing a trip of a lifetime just for you!!

I ❤ travel.

I grew up in a small Wisconsin town and every other summer my family would ROAD TRIP to Vermont to visit relatives and each time we’d get lost finding their house.  My parents would throw their hands up in frustration and argue, once again, about being lost. It’s crazy, but these road trip memories and hanging out with my cool east coast cousins are some of my fondest childhood memories.  I hopped on my first airplane to sunny southern California for college spring break, quickly noted the palm trees and wind in my hair in our kick ass convertible and I was hooked. After college, I was a traveling software consultant and I convinced a cute, fellow nerdy IT student to join me over drinks at our college bar one night.  That guy, Val, is now my husband and we saw and did some fantastic things over 7 years of consulting. Phoenix, Arizona is now our home along with three crazy kids and a dog. Travel has slowed down a bit…ok, a ton…for us, but the kids are older now (slightly) and the travel spark is striking again and we want to ignite that spark for our kids.  Plus, I need to sprinkle in a few adults only trips to make me a better me, wife, friend & mother.

Using the menu, poke around to find:

Family: Where our family is headed next. Follow us on Instagram to get picture updates during our travels.

Local:  Phoenix gems.  Each week I’ll play tourist to discover local highlights tucked within the city.  I’ll post my weekly adventures to Instagram and my favorite finds will post to the blog.  You’ll find the posts useful when hosting visitors, planning date nights, kids activities, or hikes with friends  – don’t forget to stop for coffee (or mimosas!) post hike!

Design: Travel itineraries I’ve designed for others. Simple to read, easy to like and packed with research!  Love them? I thought you might.


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