Lux. On my quest to find my favorite coffee shop in the valley, I knew I need to start my search at Lux. I may end my search here and blog from the pink couch I sat on with a fabulous friend each sipping a deliciously beautiful coffee. If you know Lux and know of a coffee house that compares or dares to be better, let me know and I’ll Skoot on over after my next hike! I already know what I’m ordering on my next visit to Lux, the dirty chai – I have to see what the fuss is all about.

A.T. Oasis Coffee & Tea Shop. I love a small business that has an inspiring story, and this is it!  I tried the signature ginger coffee and this just may grow into one of my favorite drinks. It keeps getting better with every sip. The owner and her husband, both working the morning of my visit were so kind and welcoming. Her family sends her the ginger from her hometown in Africa to flavor the coffee. How cool is that? Sipping my delicious cup, I read about their story on the wall, seriously inspiring. Self starters who want the place to be all about community. All the coffee beans are from their native land, Ethopia and they have developed relationships with farmers that she works with directly.  Not to mention she sells her coffee to Phoenix players Cartel and Echo. The real deal is here, unassuming location tucked into a little strip mall on Thomas. Wow.


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