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Camelback Mountain, Cholla Trail: This hike has become a Saturday morning ritual for me and a dear friend, Madison.  After a great hike and conversation we usually go out for a tasty breakfast at our regular Old Town hotspot, Daily Dose.  Our trail is Cholla and on a good day we hike to the top.  Most days we turn around at the heli-pad about a mile into the climb. The hike to the heli-pad is MODERATE, last 1/4 to the top upgrades to hike to DIFFICULT.  If you have visitors in town and they like to be active, take them up Camelback – it’s a right of passage when visiting Phoenix.  BEWARE: if any of your hikers are afraid of heights, this is not the hike I recommend – I learned that dear lesson when great friends were in town.  Wowza!  We are all safely back on level ground.

Squaw Peak Trail: Gwen, Brody and I just conquered this hike recently.  I love this hike. Great family hike for kids over 6.  Parking can be very crowded. Plenty of trails to keep you busy, I just like the one that goes to the top best.

Wind Cave Trail: Sweet to get out of the city on this hike.  I was ready for a nice serene hike until I realized the trail is next to a shooting range that was heavily in use.  Boom, boom, boom…not my idea of peace. However, the hike is still well worth the views from the top and I got some sweet shots within the cave! Hike is MODERATE. 3 or so miles roundtrip.

Sunrise Trail: Two miles up and two miles down.  Going up it feels like a treadmill on a incline, only difference is you are surrounded by beauty instead of gym walls.  Felt great to get out of the city with light traffic on the trail.  As you can see, the Sunrise Trail description is fitting, check out the stunner I got on the way up.


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