FullSizeRenderThanks for stopping by my little slice of happy.  I ❤️ this blog. When I see the quote, ‘Whatever is good for the soul, do that’….well, this is it.  If you love travel, have kids and love being 40+…WELCOME, this may be the gem you didn’t know you were looking for!

My name is Kris, married to Val, mother of 3 kids – Gwen 9, Brody 7, Blake 3 and doggie Dutch (3, we think). Since having babies, life has been one big and beautiful mess for us. Diapers, naps, tantrums, childbirth, little feet, snuggling, crazy love and lack of sleep. Whew! The kids are getting slightly older and life is getting a tiny bit easier, well, different anyway. Before kids, Val and I were living the sweet life as IT consultants spending the majority of our career traveling to different places in the world, living on an expense account, dining at delicious restaurants and seeing amazing sights. Kids rocked our world (in the best way) and then I threw our family for another loop and resigned from my IT corporate job to stay home with our kids.  That was 7 years ago and and it was the best and hardest decision I’ve made.  I vowed to live through my heart, by living simply and volunteering more of my time.    Bringing people together (little dots) to help a cause was the original inspiration for Little Dot Big Difference.  I’ve done different projects over the years with Little Dot; ran a couple half marathons to raise money for local non-profit Chances for Children, sponsored a year long program called ‘I Give A Hoot’ where young kids gathered items for local non-profits. This year, we are getting our ‘hands dirty’ and doing a non-profit project for each month. What I found with volunteering is that…it’s HARD! It’s hard to look at our busy schedule with all of our activities and find time to volunteer. In my heart, it is what I want us to be doing, but finding the time is always a challenge. In fact, last year I took a year off of anything Little Dot related because I was feeling overwhelmed with it all. Now I’m back with a commitment not burn out again. To do this, I’m picking a few passionate things (little dots) for our family to focus on and learning to say no to the rest. I’m hoping that makes all the difference 🙂

With that…these are the Kainass Family little dots!

Exploring.  I’ve loved travel for forever…well, since my parents planted the seed when I was a kid on road trips to Vermont every other summer.  I want to plant that same seed for our kiddos. Follow us on your favorite social media site this summer when we road trip from Phoenix to Wisconsin, following Route 66!   In the meantime, while the kids are still in school, I will play tourist in my own city, Phoenix, and give the scoop on my finds…tasty coffee, hikes, kids activity and places to take visitors around the area.  May our finds inspire you for your next adventure!

People.  I want my kids to know about the people’s needs in the community around them.  Each month, we will get as many people together as we can and do a volunteer project.  Check out the community page and join us when you can!

Simplicity.  At home and on the table.  Keep our house streamlined and simple so we are able to pick up and go whenever we can! Feed myself and family good wholesome food. I knew I was in dire need of food focus when I found myself asking the kids, ‘What do you want for breakfast this morning, Eggos or Cereal? ‘ These kids are important people in my life, and this is what I’m choosing to feed them? Good gravy.

Whew!  That was a lot.  If you’ve read this far, know that I’m smiling. 😊 I hope you’ll become a part of the Little Dot tribe, sign up here!   I also want to know what your little dots are, I’m excited to get this conversation started with you!

love, simplicity and travels – Kris


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